This year is IAMERS’ 20 year anniversary. In Prague we’ll be continuing the celebration of our anniversary welcoming our next 20 years. Today we are the only trade association in the world representing vendors of pre-owned medical imaging equipment and services. These past 20 years were filled with marketplace changes and challenges for our members and the organization. The years ahead look to be even more challenging. What started out 20 years ago as an effort to respond to potential regulation of vendors of used medical devices by the FDA in the United States, has expanded to meet similar challenges around the world. We began and continue to function as a unique self- policing organization dedicated to the expansion of our marketplace by continuous education of our members, relationship building with government regulatory agencies through lobbying, education of the marketplace and outreach, and teaming with other associations when our combined strength is more able to accomplish the objectives IAMERS’ members require to support the expansion of their business base and to limit regulation.

I look forward to meeting with you in Prague for a spirited exchange of ideas and to raise a glass to toast our 20th anniversary. An anniversary is not the culmination and end of the work. As we toast and cheer our 20 year anniversary and our many accomplishments, we will also be opening the door and welcoming the next 20 years for IAMERS as it continues its objective to support its members through education, engagement and the interaction with governments worldwide in an effort to keep the path clear for the very important business of marketing high value medical devices and associated services to our ever changing medical imaging marketplace.

Welcome to Prague!

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