Third-party Maintenance Providers: An Unfulfilled Potential for Patients and Paymasters

Diagnostic Medical Imaging (DI) is part of the broader market of “medical devices”. It has revolutionised healthcare over the years by enabling doctors, specifically radiologists, to diagnose diseases early, and with certainty. Equipment is typically divided into complex high-end machines such as CT and MRI scanners, and technically simpler devices such as ultrasound scanners. These DI devices enable physicians to non-invasively diagnose disease and manage therapy.

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AAMI, IAMERS Agree to Share Information, Best Practices

AAMI is partnering with the International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers (IAMERS) to work with the association’s members to adopt new or improve their existing quality management systems.

AAMI President and CEO Robert Jensen said the agreement with IAMERS underscored AAMI’s commitment to forge partnerships that advance safety in healthcare technology and promote the sharing of valuable information and best practices that ultimately benefit the patients.

“We can learn from one another and support professionals in the field with this agreement,” Jensen said. “In the end, innovation and safety are advanced when organizations collaborate on solutions to the shared challenges we face in healthcare technology.”

AAMI has developed a number of education programs related to quality management systems that it will now offer to IAMERS members on a discounted basis under the terms of this agreement.

According to IAMERS, all of its members are expected to employ quality management in their organizational structure, policies, procedures, processes, and resources. In May 2017, IAMERS members unanimously approved recommendations related to complaint management, identification and traceability, competence, awareness and training, inspection of equipment, and data management.

“IAMERS members are striving to achieve the best solutions for their clients, and of course, continuing to address patient safety,” said IAMERS President Diana Upton. “We know engaging with AAMI will greatly help us with these efforts. We are delighted to enter into this understanding with AAMI. We hope we too will bring important insights about our member businesses.”

AAMI and IAMERS will also provide opportunities for representatives from the other organization to participate in specific committees and conferences to reinforce information sharing and open discourse relevant to both groups’ missions.

AAMI ( is a nonprofit organization founded in 1967. It is a diverse community of approximately 7,000 healthcare technology professionals united by one important mission—supporting the healthcare community in the development, management, and use of safe and effective healthcare technology.

IAMERS team visits FDA as a follow up to New Orleans Annual Meeting

The Joint Commission Introduces New Element of Performance — Service Manuals

George Mills, Director of Engineering for the accrediting organization, The Joint Commission, announced yesterday at the American College of Clinical Engineers (ACCE) meeting a new element of performance expected which essentially requires healthcare organizations to have on hand  service manuals and technical bulletins:

EP 3 provides “The organization has a library of information regarding inspection, testing, and maintenance of its equipment and systems. Note: This library includes manuals, procedures provided by manufacturers, technical bulletins and other information.”

In other news, our general counsel Robert Kerwin, also spoke to the ACCE on the amendment to the MDUFA IV legislation passed this week by the House Energy and Commerce Committee which requires the FDA, if enacted, to provide a report to Congress on its assessment  of the need for further legislation/regulation of servicing by any person other than manufacturers. Mr Kerwin had previously testified before the Subcommittee on Health in opposition to Servicing Legislation  and welcomed the House Committee’s compromise decision to await the FDA report. “Independent services are essential to the healthcare ecosystem and if it’s truly about patient safety, why should some manufacturers withhold manuals all the while claiming further regulation is necessary to address uneven levels of servicer performance.”

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