MITA’s remanufacturing white paper recalls ‘Groundhog Day’ movie: IAMERS

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“Nowhere in the white paper does MITA provide support for its claim of an increased “risk to the public health.” As MITA once acknowledged in its previous submission to the FDA it is impossible to provide a statistically valid analysis of the extent of problems.”

MITA proposes framework for defining ‘service’ versus ‘remanufacturing’

While current FDA standards regulate the remanufacturing of medical devices, regulation of servicing is not a requirement. In addition, few safeguards exist to prevent the crossover of servicing activity with that of remanufacturing, creating increased risks to public health, the safety of patients and providers who use the technology. These risks are elaborated on in the white paper and include electrical shock, overexposure to ionizing radiation, improper dosing and cybersecurity vulnerabilities, among others.

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Email Fraud Attacks on Healthcare Organizations Jumped 473% Since 2017

“Despite organizations’ large investments in security, email fraud continues to rise,” the report authors wrote. “Cybercriminals are growing more advanced. And attacks are evading traditional security tools, leaving people as the last line of defense.”

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Medical Imaging, Machine Learning to Align in 10 Key Areas

Medical imaging technologies and machine learning will support a new generation of tools that can personalize treatments and improve outcomes for patients.

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