Recently Michelle Fields, W7 Global (USA) asked Christian Frandsen, Agito Medical (Denmark) the following question. Christian is a logistics expert – worldwide.



Hello! I sat in on your talk about Logistics at the IAMERS meeting in Greece.  I have a question I am not sure if you can answer or direct me to someone who could help.

We have a customer in Libya that purchased Acs 453567139465 & Couch Control Board 453566457351 medical parts. My shipping manager is holding the parts because he has read that there are sanctions that require a license for export of medical devices to all entities of Libya. He thinks we are going to have to apply for an export license. 

Do you know if this is the case? If so, is there a way we can get around this? We have the part in our warehouse and the customer needs it ASAP. The customer has had parts shipped to him from the USA before.

Any help you can advise would be appreciated.

Michelle Fields – Sales Administrator
W7 Global, Sellersburg, Indiana


Hi Michelle,

Thank you for reaching out – Libya in under sanctions, but to my knowledge they are limited.

Most importantly is that you have screened your customer and saved it in case of follow-up by the authorities.

I believe one of the items is classified as EAR99 but the other I can’t look up from here (home).

However, you might have received the classification from your vendor on the purchase invoice?

Some classifications might require an export license so you’ll have to check the classification first (ECCN) and from there you can either check or contact BIS for confirmation on what to do.

However, in general I would say most items wouldn’t require export license to Libya, but all depends on the classification.

Any follow-up questions let me know.

Thank you & Best Regards,

Christian Frandsen | Head of Logistics
Agito Medical, Aalborg, Denmark

Christian also suggests taking a look here for Libya:
Libya Sanctions | Office of Foreign Assets Control (