IAMERS’ members are important men and women of the medical imaging equipment market. Each has made a commitment to provide a quality product to their customers while pledging to conduct business in an honorable and ethical manner. Today IAMERS is comprised of more than 130 organizations worldwide conducting business in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa.

Member companies perform a valuable service for the medical imaging marketplace. For almost 20-years our members have repurposed, remanufactured or refurbished medical imaging devices for facilities around the world. We like to say our members were Green before there was a Green Initiative. Our members provide high clinical value equipment to the medical service provider at a fraction of the new equipment price.

If it’s medical imaging for diagnostics or therapy you can find an IAMERS member who sells or services pre-owned equipment. Whether it’s MRI, CT, DR, standard X-ray, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, Cath Labs or anything that involves medical imaging there’s an IAMERS member ready to assist.

By the quality of their work, good customer service and strong business ethics our members display the IAMERS logo proudly.

If you wish to apply for IAMERS membership click here.

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