I Was At The IAMERS RSNA Reception, Were You?

By: Wayne Webster, Proactics Consulting

If you wanted to see and be seen at the RSNA it wasn’t going to happen on the exhibit floor. You needed to be at the IAMERS reception on Monday evening. Each year IAMERS holds its biggest event of the year at RSNA. The Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom is the venue and it is standing room only. There are no buses to transport party goers to a free event that sales people struggle to get people to attend. Not the IAMERS reception. It’s open to members only. If you aren’t a member it’s going to cost a pretty penny for a ticket.

What’s the draw? It’s simple, this is the one time of the year those good enough to be IAMERS members can meet in one place and rekindle and start new profitable relationships. Diana Upton, President of IAMERS arranges the venue, the munchies and the cash bar for the members and the party is on.

This year it was packed, starting at 7 PM there was a line out the door waiting to enter the ballroom. Why do they wait in line and those who aren’t members beg to get in? Because in this world you get what you pay for. If you’re an IAMERS member you belong to an exclusive group of highly qualified medical imaging companies that are making an impact in pre-owned medical imaging equipment around the globe. The best place for these fine companies to meet and get to know each other better is at the RSNA IAMERS reception.

Want to attend next year’s reception? Just remember what they say at American Express, “Membership has its privileges.” Call IAMERS and find out if you have what it takes to qualify for membership.

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