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Medical Device Excise Tax Begins In Five Months

IAMERS met with tax counsel from a senior member on the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee to discuss some need for clarification of the medical device excise tax (currently set for assessment in January 2013. Under the proposed regulations a tax will be imposed on the sale of any “taxable medical device” by its “manufacturer” or “importer” at a rate of 2.3% of the price for which it is sold. IAMERS has asked for a clarification that used and refurbished devices (sold domestically) are not subject to the tax.

CBO Updates Costs of the ACA After the Supreme Court Decision

Following the Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of certain aspect of the ACA last month everyone with an opinion has chimed in either for or against. Today there is an interesting post reporting on the impact to the cost of implementing the ACA after the Supreme Court Decision. Here is how the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) views the costs changing as States opt in or out of the Medicaid portion of the ACA and other events occur. Continue Reading…

Do you know what BYOD means?

For some it means Bring Your Own Device. For others who experienced network crashes from viruses contributed by people hooking their personal device into the company network it means Bring Your Own Disease or Destruction. In this modern age the mobile device is a wonderful addition to our ability to communicate. But if you are concerned about how these devices might crash the network you may find a recently posted Webinar of interest. Continue Reading…

More on screening mammography

Here’s another study questioning the usefulness of screening mammography. This one is from Sweden and reported in DOTmed news on July 18. Here’s the link: Continue Reading…

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