The International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers, better known as IAMERS was formed in 1993. Our membership is worldwide and represents the best companies ranging from the largest OEMs to smaller highly specialized ones that sell, service and finance pre-owned medical imaging devices.

For almost 20-years our members have repurposed, remanufactured or refurbished medical imaging devices for facilities around the world. We like to say our members were Green before there was a Green Initiative. To get equipment from one owner to another is not a simple task. With expertise in removal and logistics along with skilled installation, training and service capabilities, IAMERS members deliver cost-effective and clinically useful preowned medical imaging devices.

When you see the IAMERS logo you can rest assured you are dealing with one of the best companies offering pre-owned medical imaging devices, parts, maintenance and support services. Our members participate in ongoing educational programs, legislative and governmental agency lobbying, as well as partnering with other trade associations and representation around the world on quality and regulatory issues.

Not every company meets IAMERS’ standards for membership. If you wish to discuss your requirements for pre-owned medical equipment or other specialized supporting services please contact a member from our directory.

If you wish to become an IAMERS member click here.

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